Like many buildings that have been occupied for nearly a century, the Vancouver Club has seen additions and building upgrades as the facility adapted to the needs of its occupants over the years. Some significant changes were made in the 1990s, including the installation of stucco and EIFS cladding on portions of the building, the construction of additions, upgrades to the fire safety systems, and interior renovations. Complete records of work carried out prior to the 1990s did not exist, which meant that the future held many unknowns for the owners. Planning for the building’s maintenance was undoubtedly a challenge!

To help the owners make more confident decisions about the building, our team developed a comprehensive capital needs assessment that collected all the information about the different building components in a single location that could be accessed online. The assessment laid out all the building assets, including the roof and cladding materials, boilers, air handling units, and interior finishes, and listed an estimate of the remaining service life for each asset.

In addition to the physical report document, the information contained in the assessment report was made available to the owners through our Building Asset Management software. The software allows owners to search data to find information easily, as well as track and report on planned maintenance, repair, and renewal activities.

The report included renewal and maintenance costs for all assets for the next 30 years, allowing the owners to prioritize projects and develop a financial plan for their building.


June 5, 2020


The Vancouver Club

Key Services

Maintenance and Planning

Planning and developing strategies for the long- and short-term needs of your building is essential to protecting your building assets and investments. Our team will work with you to establish maintenance and renewal plans that address the lifelong needs of key components in your building.

These services include reserve studies, façade inspection reports, depreciation reports, maintenance plans, facility condition assessments, and more. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve put together over 2,000 reports for owner groups across North America. To help our clients identify funding requirements for significant future projects, we’ve developed customized systems that include dynamic modeling of anticipated costs, planning options, and funding approaches to help you prepare for future needs.

Mark Will | BA Econ

Principal, Director of Business Operations
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