• Leo Glaser
    Concert Properties
  • Brett Webster
    Rocky Mountain Institute


Seize this opportunity to hear from industry leaders who have already taken steps to address climate change, energy, and/or emissions in their and their clients’ existing buildings. Find out what these speakers have learned from layering new considerations onto their capital planning and renewal processes. Discover how they are thinking about and responding to risk and learn what advice they would give to someone undertaking this process for the first time.

This webinar will be of interest to owners and managers of building portfolios who may be seeking guidance on how to prioritize capital renewals; or who are unsure how to embed energy, emissions, and climate resiliency considerations into their planning process to meet fast-evolving policies and codes; or who simply want to learn how to protect their assets in a changing climate. This includes private and institutional owners.

You’ll Learn About:

1. Discover how other private and institutional owners and managers have incorporated climate and policy imperatives into their asset renewal plans.

2. Understand how organizations are defining and quantifying risks as they relate to climate change impacts and policy.

3. Incorporate the lessons learned by industry peers into your organization’s planning process.

4. Learn about successful building renewal solutions from those who have already done it.

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