• Mike Roche
    RDH Building Science
  • Tammy Siliznoff
    RDH Building Science


Once you’ve laid the groundwork to create a building retrofit plan, what’s next? How do you implement the plan?  Discover the answers from a Construction Manager who specializes in renewal work on existing buildings. You’ll hear stories from the trenches that illustrate some of the critical considerations and solutions for successful implementation of existing building renewals work, particularly the unique challenges presented by occupied buildings. You will also hear from a building science specialist who is working to scale panelized solutions for rapid deployment on affordable housing retrofits.

This webinar will be of interest to owners and managers of building portfolios who may be seeking guidance on how to prioritize capital renewals; or who are unsure how to embed energy, emissions, and climate resiliency considerations into their planning process to meet fast-evolving policies and codes; or who simply want to learn how to protect their assets in a changing climate. This includes private and institutional owners.

You’ll Learn About:

1. Recognize the implementation challenges you’ll face when renewing an existing building.

2. Learn practical solutions for implementing your energy or emissions retrofit plan through illustrative examples.

3. Gain a high-level understanding of critical steps for implementing your retrofit plan to ensure successful implementation.

4. Identify key considerations for implementing a retrofit plan on your occupied building.

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