I first discovered the world of building science while attending the Architectural Building Technology Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). In order to help students select an elective for their second year, we had industry professionals present on what a day would be like in various types of firms—including a building science engineering firm.

RDH’s Brian Hubbs presented on a project involving a forensic investigation of an insulating glass unit (IGU) failure. I still remember thinking, “Wow this is cool! It’s like detective work, solving puzzles using science and experience.” I chose building science as my elective and also became interested in learning more about RDH and the innovative projects and research they were working on. A few months later, I came on board as a practicum student and enjoyed the hands-on opportunities and lab work–specifically, material testing. Upon graduation, I accepted a position to join the research group as a Building Science Technologist. Since then, I’ve continued to gain experience in the field and forensic work, as well as lead projects on the design and construction of test apparatuses and product testing.

I take pride in my work and I consider myself fortunate to have a job that I love. What I like best about working at RDH is that the core values of the company are in line with my personal values.