Series Summary

RDH partnered with the Rainscreen Association in America (RAiNA) to develop and deliver an 8-session webinar series, “Deep Dive into Rainscreens”, to enhance building industry professionals’ understanding of rainscreen wall assemblies.

The Deep Dive into Rainscreens webinar series is a “Rainscreens 101” tutorial for industry professionals.  Throughout the series, RDH’s building science specialists explore typical components and performance attributes of a rainscreen wall and share research-backed recommendations, real-world examples, and practical application guidance. The knowledge provides fundamental information that building professionals need to be successful in considering a rainscreen design approach to their projects.

All sessions are recorded and available at our Technical Library

Session 1: The Introduction 

Session 2: Rainscreen Walls – A Look Back 

Session 3: Defining Drainage 

Session 4: The Value of Ventilation 

Session 5: The Last Line of Defense  

Session 6: Exterior Insulation & Cladding Attachments

Session 7: The First Line of Defense  

Session 8: Pressure Equalization and Compartmentalization

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Written by:

Natalie Michaelis