Repair, Renewal, + Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Design

Whether renewing specific assemblies or conducting a complete building enclosure rehabilitation, RDH has the skills and experience to ensure your project proceeds smoothly.


During the planning phase, or design phase, RDH will work with you and your owner group to confirm and refine the specifics of the renewal or rehabilitation program. Together we consider alternate ways of addressing renewal or rehabilitation needs. Is a full or partial rehabilitation the best option? Should all membranes be renewed at the same time or is a phased approach preferable? What options exist for replacement windows? Are there energy savings alternatives that would be cost-effective to implement? We believe that owners should be fully involved in considering the benefits, risks, and costs of various approaches and phasing alternatives.

For larger projects, the planning phase is also important because it provides a real opportunity to update and enhance the appearance of the building. Many of the building enclosure projects we work on have a positive impact on property values. Significant improvements in the overall appearance and attractiveness of buildings can be achieved with relatively minor and low-cost modifications to the rehabilitation or renewals program. All necessary services, both engineering and architecture, are provided in-house by RDH.

Construction Documents

Construction documents are the drawings and specifications that are used to obtain the necessary permits and obtain bids from contractors. Once the contractors have been selected, the construction documents are used by the contractors to carry out the renewal or rehabilitation work on-site. These drawings and specifications are one of the most important parts of the whole rehabilitation or renewal process.

It has been our experience that the accuracy and completeness of the construction documents bear directly on the cost and quality of the construction work. In order to fully explain the work, avoid misunderstanding, and obtain the best possible pricing, we prepare a highly detailed construction document package, one that is much more comprehensive than is typical in the industry.

Field Review

Field review includes the work involved in visiting the building during construction to monitor progress, confirm that the work is being implemented correctly, and ensure that the contractor has a full and detailed understanding of all requirements. This is an essential part of protecting your interests and making sure that the necessary quality standards are achieved.

Field Testing

In addition to visual field review, undertaken to confirm that specified materials and components are being used and correctly installed, our field review staff also carry out a variety of tests to help to confirm that the completed project will achieve the necessary levels of performance. A range of tests, including water penetration tests, airtightness testing, and membrane and coating adherence tests, ensure that appropriate industry standards are achieved.

“I have been asked by the Strata Council, on behalf of all Owners at La Mirage, to express our appreciation to … the members of your team at RDH that worked on our buildings. … everyone we dealt with at RDH, without exception, exhibited a consistently high level of professionalism, competence, and dedication …”

Ian McLean Treasurer, La Mirage, Burnaby

Post-Construction + Maintenance Planning

Inevitably, when projects near completion there’s a desire to wrap things up quickly and move on. Owners particularly, after living through the construction process, want to get on with their lives. However, we believe that a number of key tasks need to be carried out in order to properly document the project and provide owners with the necessary information to effectively maintain their buildings.

We follow-up on outstanding issues from the construction project to ensure that they are resolved, and we provide documentation of the completed project to you that will be very helpful in the ongoing upkeep of the building. Our field review staff work with other in-house specialists to develop clear and effective maintenance documentation and to ensure that all applicable warranties are in place.

See our Case Studies on One Wall, Pallisades, and The Wood Dale, where we’ve implemented our Repair and Renewals Program.

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